Submission Documents

Surety Program Submission Documents


The following represents a comprehensive list of information required by Bond Companies.
It is our goal to make the process of securing an improved Bond Program flow as smoothly as possible. Our initial understanding of your business will determine which specific items are necessary to provide to the Bond Company. Keep in mind that the more the Bond Company knows about your company, the greater their ability to Maximize Your Bond Program.

Information To Be Provided:

  1. CPA Fiscal Year End (FYE) Financial Statements (F/S) for the past 3 years
  2. Corporate Tax Return for the most recent FYE
  3. Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule concurrent with the most recent FYE F/S
  4. Current Internal (Accrual or % Completion) F/S, Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule, and Work In Progress Report (WIP)
  5. CPA F/Ss and/or Tax Returns on Affiliated Entities
  6. Current Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns on the Owner(s) of the Company
  7. Resumes on Key Personnel, if available
  8. Company Brochure, if available
  9. Continuity Plan if available, i.e. Buy/Sell Agreement,  Management Agreements, Work Completion Agreements et al
  10. Bank Line of Credit Documentation
  11. Current Insurance Certificate
  12. Key Man Life Insurance Documentation
  13. Reference Letters if available
  14. Completed Questionnaire